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Why should you meter the water of
individual apartments?

I am using less but paying more. Is there something I can do?

This is a common feeling in all housing societies that average the water bill.

Most housing societies either charge a flat fee or a fee based upon apartment area. This means that some residents pay for others’ usage as well.

I can’t install water meters in my building without replumbing.

Yes. Most apartments have multiple inlets for water.

So, metering would need the plumbing be modified to give a single point entry that can be metered. Replumbing can be prohibitively expensive and In a few cases not feasible at all.

How can I be sure that my monthly bill is accurate?

This is a valid doubt if meters are read manually every month.

Associations being not for profit, the per liter water tariff will change every month based upon the expenses. Both tabulation of meter readings and fixing of tariff are error prone, when done manually.

> Enter smartrwater _

SmartrWater is the smartest way to measure water consumption in individual apartments. Using cutting edge technology it enables housing societies to meter and charge individuals on actual consumption. It also empowers individual users to monitor, control and optimise their consumption in real time.

Installing is now a cut & paste job

Fixing our water meters is a cut & paste job - cut the pipe, paste the adaptors and fix the meter at every water inlet. Don't worry about any 'impossible' replumbing. Reduce installation time from weeks to few days. Our trained teams make this a painless and unobtrusive process.
Fixing is a cut paste job.

Water Indicators


Total Water on Earth

You’ve heard the saying that the Earth is mostly water. But what percent of Earth is water?


Fresh Water

Of all the water available only 2.5% is Fresh Water! But the story doesn't end here.


People Without Water

Approximately 17% of world's population doesn't have access to any water!


How Much Can You Save

By adopting individual metering, you can save as much as 30% of water you consume.